Monday, February 25, 2013

Little Guy in a Tie

Two teeth, one tie, and no worries.  That’s how we roll on Sunday mornings at the Siddoway home.  Jack here was all dressed up in is white shirt, tie, and new vest and I couldn’t resist taking a few shots.  As you can see, he does well in the spotlight.
It’s ironic that Jack has as much hair as he does, being that his two older sisters were pretty much bald until the age of two.  This little guy has already had multiple haircuts and it just keeps growing.  Maybe I should just let it grow so he can channel his inner rock star.  I mean, look at him, he is definitely a rock star.  Or a fat little business-man…one of the two.
jack_01 copyjack_03 copyjack_04 copyjack_05 copy

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