Monday, April 22, 2013

A Friend in the Mirror

All of our closet doors are mirrors. I don’t love it. In fact, I honestly can say dislike them. Who wants to see themselves constantly? And who wants to clean off those little finger smears and smudges only to watch them go right back on? Those poor mirrors have nothing going for them, except that my kids love them. The girls dance forever in front of them, and as soon as my little guy finishes his bottle he’s right in front of those bad boys saying hello to his “friend”. Who needs playmates when you have a mirror?
IMG_4108 copyI’m kind of sad that I can’t see his face in this photo, but I love his chubby little hand so it makes up for it.
IMG_4104 copy copyIMG_4094 copy copy
Insert older sister who think it’s funny that he “eats” his toys.
IMG_4162 copyIMG_4139 copy
Insert same older sister who likes to steal the toys from his hands. The stinker.
IMG_4128 copy

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