Monday, April 22, 2013

Cousin Time!

My girls were so excited to see their cousin Ledger. They asked me all morning when he’d get here. When the Sullengers arrived there was much rejoicing, squealing, and running around. I love it when my kids have friends come over. It is such a great distraction. And Kyla and Ledger are little buddies and they play really well together. Ashley is pregnant with twins, and we are so excited about it.
Here are some pictures of them all playing in their jammies. Nothing beats playing with cousins in your jammies.
IMG_4929 copyIMG_4930 copyIMG_4942 copy
IMG_4946 copyIMG_4977 copy
This photo of Kyla and Ashley cracks me up. She’s telling her how things are, and she bends and gets close to make sure you understand her.
IMG_4949 copyIMG_4933 copyIMG_4961 copyIMG_4984 copyIMG_4965 copyIMG_4997 copyIMG_5002 copy
Ledger really wanted to ride in the jeep. He got a little ticked when he didn’t fit. And then there’s Sophie. She’s a pill. And she pulls some great faces for photos. She’ll hate them when she gets older, but they are pretty funny.

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