Thursday, May 30, 2013

Remembering Preslee

We were lucky to spend our Memorial weekend in Idaho, and we had the chance to spend some time at Preslee’s grave. Preslee is my niece, and my kids cousin. Her story is found here. We sure miss that little girl.IMG_7888 copyIMG_7882 copyIMG_7884 copyIMG_7894 copyIMG_7892 copy
This photo below cracks me up. I had just asked my oldest to act “normal” and quit posing.
Well I got the opposite of what I asked for… IMG_7902 copy

We also celebrated Kyla’s birthday with her Grandparents. IMG_7910 copyIMG_7933 copyIMG_7922 copyIMG_7924 copy
All she did with the cupcake was lick the frosting off. Silly girl.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jack's First Birthday

I can’t believe my baby is one already. That year really flew by fast.
I wanted to do a cake smash shoot, and was really hoping that Jack would love it. He kind of liked it, but he didn’t eat hardly anything. I guess I should be happy he isn’t obsessed with cake and frosting.
IMG_6734 copy
(I know his hand is blurry, but I still liked the photo)
IMG_6743 copyIMG_6750 copy
All he really wanted to do was smash the cake with the plate. Silly boy.IMG_6764 copyIMG_6766 copyIMG_6777 copyIMG_6778 copyIMG_6787 copyIMG_6783 copy
Well I now have a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Life is an adventure!
Some facts about Jack at age 1:
He has 6 teeth. 3 on top, 3 on bottom.
He only uses Sippy cups with straws, he won’t tip the other kind back.
He pulls himself up on furniture, and cruises along furniture (if the incentive is great enough).
He’s not very close to walking.
He has the best grumpy face ever, and busts it out whenever you tell him “no.”
He weighs as much as Kyla (27lbs).
He has the best chubby cheeks.
His nicknames include jack-jack and tracker jacker.
We absolutely love him.
Happy Birthday Jack-Jack!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Piano Concert

I love it when these three play together. It makes me happy (especially when they do cute things together and I get to take pictures!).IMG_6523 copyIMG_6531 copy copyI’m pretty sure he was dedicating a song to me. And I deserved one since I am his #1 groupie.
IMG_6536 copyIMG_6538 copyIMG_6541 copyIMG_6533 copyIMG_6555 copyYou can subscribe with your email by clicking on the RSS feed on the top left hand side! hint, hint.:)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Tyson & Jacque - Engaged!

These two are such a fun couple. And we had an amazing shoot, with amazing light. I have so many favorites, which one is yours?Tyson&Jacque_83 copy          Tyson&Jacque_03 copyTyson&Jacque_08 copyTyson&Jacque_12 copy
Tyson&Jacque_15 copy

Tyson&Jacque_21 copyTyson&Jacque_26 copy
Tyson&Jacque_33 copy
Tyson&Jacque_40 copyTyson&Jacque_41 copyTyson&Jacque_43 copyTyson&Jacque_47 copy         Tyson&Jacque_65 copyTyson&Jacque_69 copyTyson&Jacque_59 copy   Tyson&Jacque_71 copyTyson&Jacque_81 copy

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hee Haw

IMG_5108 copyThis is us on the hay ride. With all the distractions around I am pretty pleased with this shot. The kids are mostly looking in the right direction.
IMG_5090 copyIMG_5104 copy
IMG_5096 copyIMG_5098 copyJack loved the animals. He even laughed when the cow tried to eat his hand.
IMG_5115 copy

IMG_5130 copyIMG_5132 copySophie was terrified of the goats. She hid behind one of us every time one walked past. All until we saw the baby goats.IMG_5124 copyIMG_5128 copy1
IMG_5134 copy
Kyla was trying hard to look brave in this photo above. But quickly was screaming after this photo as the sheep moved towards her.IMG_5139 copyIMG_5144 copyIMG_5148 copyIMG_5181 copyIMG_5182 copyIMG_5179 copy
Dustin took the girls down a big slide. As you can see from their little faces, it was clearly NOT their favorite part of the farm. I laugh every time I look at this.