Monday, May 13, 2013

Tyson & Jacque - Engaged!

These two are such a fun couple. And we had an amazing shoot, with amazing light. I have so many favorites, which one is yours?Tyson&Jacque_83 copy          Tyson&Jacque_03 copyTyson&Jacque_08 copyTyson&Jacque_12 copy
Tyson&Jacque_15 copy

Tyson&Jacque_21 copyTyson&Jacque_26 copy
Tyson&Jacque_33 copy
Tyson&Jacque_40 copyTyson&Jacque_41 copyTyson&Jacque_43 copyTyson&Jacque_47 copy         Tyson&Jacque_65 copyTyson&Jacque_69 copyTyson&Jacque_59 copy   Tyson&Jacque_71 copyTyson&Jacque_81 copy

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