Monday, June 24, 2013

Garrett & Anna - Engaged!

These two were so funny and so very cute together, they make a great couple.  I had a blast hanging out with them for an evening, and the cloud coverage made for some fantastic skies and lighting. And to add some excitement to the night we even ran into a skunk while we were shooting (didn’t get sprayed, but just barely, the tail was up and all). What more could a photographer ask for?
IMG_9322 copyGarrett and Anna_04Garrett and Anna_06Garrett and Anna_09Garrett and Anna_27Garrett and Anna_17Garrett and Anna_26Garrett and Anna_36Garrett and Anna_34Garrett and Anna_48Garrett and Anna_39Garrett and Anna_43
Garrett and Anna_59Garrett and Anna_51Garrett and Anna_70Garrett and Anna_73Garrett and Anna_55

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