Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three Kids - What it's really like

I have three kids., and my oldest is 4. It can be quite the adventure around here some days. I have had several mom’s ask me what’s it’s like. All I heard before having my third was how hard it was. So I’m going to share what the last 11 months have been like with three kids.
All the trouble seems to happen while I am feeding the baby. You know, when you can’t do much/anything to prevent or help.
Just after my husband had gone back to work, and right when my baby woke up and wanted to eat, my oldest fell off the stool in the bathroom and bonked her nose on the bathtub. The result was lots of blood and lots of crying. Then my baby, hungry and feeling the panic in the air, started screaming. (and I’m sure my two year old was whining for a snack or something, I don’t really remember.) I remember feeling so completely overwhelmed and outnumbered! But before I knew it I had it all taken care of and everyone was fine.
Two months into it all our two girls were playing a “game” where one would lay on the top stairs and the other would pull her up. Well my 4 year old is strong enough to pull her sister up, but not vice versa. So little sister (I’m imagining) flew down the stair breaking both bones above her ankle. (We found out the story of the “game” that night after all the chaos was controlled.) Needless to say, that game has been banned from being played.
IMG_0224 copy copy
A few months later… cast is off and girls are playing downstairs. Treadmill gets turned on with little sister standing on the belt. She wasn’t standing for long. (It was a fluke that it was even left with the tags on, we aren’t neglectful.)
photo (72)
This one was just last week. I am, once again, feeding the baby. I hear crying from outside. I hurry outside to find Kyla stuck in the tree. Luckily this time it wasn’t any real damage, she was just stuck.IMG_4898 copy
To top it all off I threw my back out 6 months into it all. Ended up with major back spasms, and on heavy medication, and in physical therapy. Not fun.
While it’s crazy now and again it’s also really fun. The girls play well together most of the time, and they love their little brother. He really loves them too. When I get him up from a nap he immediately looks to their door to see if they are coming to greet him. It’s really cute. I love how they love each other, it melts my heart.
IMG_5067 copyIMG_5085 copy
So even though it’s not always serene at our house it is worth it in every way. And I wouldn’t change any of it. Besides, broken bones and scars make for good memories…right??
IMG_1763 copy

On a side note… Have you ever seen Jim Gaffigan? He is hilarious, and my husband and I laughed so hard when we saw this. You should watch it, it’s worth it.

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