Friday, August 9, 2013

Garrett & Anna - Formals

G&A formals_013
I am soooo far behind on blogging. It’s been a busy summer. So I’ll start you off with these two fantastic people. I seriously had so much fun every time we had a shoot. They are fun, happy, and madly in love. Enjoy these photos!G&A formals_001G&A formals_003G&A formals_006G&A formals_007G&A formals_021G&A formals_032G&A formals_030G&A formals_039G&A formals_040G&A formals_056G&A formals_079G&A formals_069G&A formals_076
G&A formals_086G&A formals_090G&A formals_100
The wind picked up at the end. It was awesome and crazy all at the same time.

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