Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Preslee Race

Sophie talked about this race forever, she was so excited to run in the “Preslee Race” as she called it. It was really the Anything For A Friend 5k, or F2TF (Fight to the Finish) 5k. It was a great cause with all proceeds going to help terminally ill children. There were 30 teams in the race, each racing for a loved one and each team had a different colored shirt with their team name on the back. Ashley and Pat got a team of 70 people put together of family and friends and we ran for Team Preslee. It was really neat to be part of. Ash brought pink necklaces for all the girls to wear, which was entirely appropriate because Pres loved her necklaces. IMG_7010 copyI’m not sure that Sophie even remembers her cousin. I’d like to think she does. She’ll tell me that she does, and then she’ll tell me about a memory she has, which is usually something I had taken pictures of. So it might be a memory of looking at photos, and it might be an actual memory that is brought back by seeing the pictures. I’m not really sure since she was so young. But there was that special connection between the two of them and I know that connection goes beyond this life. So it wouldn’t be entirely shocking to me if she does have some memories of their short time together. IMG_6857 copyIMG_6882 copyIMG_6870 copyIMG_6871 copyIMG_6873 copySophie was so thrilled that she was bursting with excitement before we got going. She was going to win this race.IMG_6877 copyIMG_6879 copyIMG_6885 copyIMG_6887 copyIMG_6890 copyIMG_6901 copyIMG_6906 copyIMG_6907 copyIMG_6911 copy
IMG_6914 copyIMG_6916 copyIMG_6920 copyIMG_6925 copyIMG_6930 copyIMG_6935 copyIMG_6939 copyIMG_6944 copyIMG_6956 copyIMG_6962 copyIMG_6969 copyIMG_6986 copyIMG_6989 copyIMG_6990 copyIMG_7002 copyThe girls literally were sprinting every chance they got. I had a hard time keeping up with them at some places. I was shocked at how well they did. I thought they’d have a rough time and ride in the stroller for most of it.
It was a great race, and a great way to remember such a sweet little girl that we miss so much. IMG_7020 copy

Friday, August 29, 2014


IMG_6854 copy
I love this picture. Tracker Jacker was being naughty (nothing new there), and he was put in time out. He hates it. He should hate it, it’s no fun to be in trouble. But he’s sooo cute when he’s naughty that he doesn’t get in trouble as much as he should.  And he’s cute when he sits in time out with his lower lip hanging out. That’s the trouble, he’s just too cute.
Most of the time when my kids get in trouble it’s not a laughing matter. But sometimes as a parent I have to hide my smile when they do something that is so unexpected and naughty that I just want to laugh. There have been prayers that Dustin and I have laughed through, moments where the other parent has to take control of the situation while the other hides around the corner snickering (It’s usually me. Dustin holds it together better than I do). And I’m glad I have those moments, because staying at home with kids can be a monotonous job. And laughing about parts of it keeps me sane. Besides, It’s so easy to be the mad parent, the one who is annoyed by all the disobedience that their kids display. So I am grateful for the moments of hilariousness that come along with it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Benson's blessing day

Two months old. It’s amazing how time flies. And how slow I am at updating my blog. This happened almost a month ago.
I was really bad at taking pictures this time. I was tired and lacking motivation to pull out my camera. Luckily I kicked it in gear and snapped a few. As usual we were really nervous that our baby would cry through the blessing, and as usual we were shocked when it went smoothly. 
Thanks to everyone who came, I know it’s a pain to travel to see us but it sure means a lot to us.
 IMG_6835 copyIMG_6828 copyIMG_6842 copyIMG_6851 copyIMG_6823 copyIMG_6826 copyIMG_6830 copy
IMG_6838 copyIMG_6812 copyIMG_6813 copy
Ky and Ellie are best friends, and Ky will randomly declare that she misses her and wishes she could see her more often.
I wish I’d have gotten a better shot of them, but these ones will have to do and they will make for some good memories. IMG_6818 copyIMG_6820 copy

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kindergarten- here we come!

Oh boy, we started a whole new chapter in life this morning. Sophie started school. She was so excited. She prepped each of her younger siblings. She sat them down and in hushed tones I heard things like, “Jack, Sophie goes to school today. You aren’t going to see me that much anymore. Kyla will help you when you need things.” And “Kyla, you need to be Mommy’s big helper cause I’m going to school now, and I’m not going to be here to do it anymore. Can you do that?”IMG_7164 copy
I have been asked by so many people if I’m going to shout for joy or cry. Well I didn’t cry, and I’m not shouting for joy either.
As I walked home from dropping her off I started to panic. Have I taught her enough? I forgot to remind her to close the stall door open when she uses the toilet. I didn’t tell her to raise her hand. Did I reassure her that she’d do awesome? Surely there must be a million other things I could have taught her or prepared her with. Why didn’t we sit down and talk about all the things that you do and don’t do when you are in school? AHHHHH!!!!
I was tempted to run back and give her one more squeeze and tell her that she’ll do great, because the last look I saw in her eyes was uncertainty. Instead I took a deep breath and told myself to keep walking that she’d do fine. I can’t control her world anymore, but I can’t help her through the challenges she faces when she come back home at the end of the day.
While there will be disappointments and tears along the way there will be more of the great achievements and joy. 
IMG_7154 copyIMG_7161 copyIMG_7158 copyIMG_7163 copyIMG_7170 copyIMG_7178 copy
I was having a hard time getting her to smile, so I told the other two to tickle her. I love these pictures. IMG_7185IMG_7188 copyIMG_7190 copy
IMG_7193 copyIMG_7196 copy
She picked her outfit about a week ago and her hairstyle. She is such a funny little girl.
And all of these poses you see she busted out all by herself.
And yes, I took too many pictures. I can’t help myself!!
IMG_7207 copy
IMG_7208IMG_7216 copyIMG_7218 copyIMG_7219 copyIMG_7221 copyIMG_7226 copy