Friday, February 28, 2014

It's the Little Things

I uploaded the music from Frozen to the little “radio” that we have. And it’s all that I’ve heard for the last 4 days, non-stop.The words are completely memorized and dances are choreographed.  But it wouldn’t be complete without princess dresses.
 IMG_5858 copyIMG_5861 copyIMG_5859 copy
Pardon the stack of frames and pictures in the background. Since we are only going to be here for a few months I opted out of decorating or unpacking them.
IMG_5865 copyIMG_5868 copy
This top left photo is her singing the “I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face!” part. Something we are well versed in at this house.
IMG_5882 copyIMG_5907 copyIMG_5890 copyIMG_5904 copy
Jack even gets in on the dancing. I love watching them. They get such pleasure out of such small things, it’s a good reminder to me.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Super Boy!

Selling a house and moving twice in such a short period of time really put photography on the back burner.  So I am trying to keep the camera handy and capture life with my kids.  I can’t help but look at Tracker-Jacker and know that his chubby rolls will be gone all too soon.  I love that he is chubby.  I know in photos he doesn’t look that roll-ie, but he is.  His belly pokes out, his cheeks sag, and his thighs are sooooo squishy.  It’s awesome.  And I don’t want to forget it, or have regrets that I never had time to use my photography talent with my own children.
Big Sis lent him her super hero cape.  The moment it was on his chubby little neck he ran around the circle (the wall that separates the living and family rooms), again, and again, and again.  It was almost like he knew what a super hero was.  He is one smart cookie.  One of the mom’s at dance class even asked if he was going to be three on his next birthday.  Umm… I wouldn’t go that far myself, but yeah, sure I think he’s smart.IMG_5900 copy
I had to make this photo black and white, because we only have pink capes around this house.  And daddy doesn’t really approve of boys and pink.  Looks like I need to head to the fabric store and get some felt. IMG_5905 copy
IMG_5912 copy
Pregnancy update.  I’ve been going to Physical therapy for lower back pain, the Dr. thinks my delivery of Tracker-Jacker messed up my pelvis and that is causing me pain.  Well I think she’s right, it was a down right awful delivery, and she seems to have taken all pain away.  Yay!  So with only 15 weeks left to go I keep telling myself that I can handle the all day heartburn, compression socks, and belly discomfort.  15 weeks!
We still need to find a house, buy it, and move in before then.  Yikes.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pink or Blue?

IMG_5768 copy23 weeks and I finally went to see a Doctor. I kind of hate going, and knowing that there is nothing they can do to help save a pregnancy before 20 weeks I have decided to opt out. Just a personal choice, and I can totally understand why women would want to go in for the peace of mind and to see the little peanut earlier and all that.
So I went in undecided if I would find out our babies gender. We never have before, but I’ve always flirted with the idea.
I told the technician that I was undecided, so she didn’t hide it from me, but I also didn’t see anything. When the ultrasound was over she asked if I wanted to know. But I’m too indecisive and told her I wasn’t sure. So she wrote it down on a piece of paper and gave it to the nurse who would tell me before I left if I were to ask. When it was time to go I still was unsure if I wanted to know, so they sealed it in an envelope so I could take it home and decide. Ridiculous, I know.
I showed the girls the baby’s profile and they were excited, but angry with me cause I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl. Right then I decided that we should look and do a little reveal.
So here you go. Baby #4 (crazy!) is a……
IMG_5771 copyIMG_5772 copy
IMG_5774 copyIMG_5778 copyBOY!
And we are all excited.
Except Ky. She was so disappointed, she fell to the floor and pouted. Poor thing.
IMG_5782 copyIMG_5784 copy
That makes 2 girls and 2 boys! Perfect!
(And thanks to Ash for the pictures!)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tracker- Jacker

Oh, how life has changed with this little man. He used to be fairly calm, but suddenly he’s a wild monkey. A very cute wild monkey, which makes it hard to discipline when I just want to laugh instead. Tracker Jacker has hit the 20 month mark, and that is basically the terrible twos at our house. He suddenly has figured out how to terrorize his sisters. He waits until they are happily playing and then he’ll run over, snatch whatever they set down and make a mad dash for it. He laughs at his success while they scream and chase him.IMG_5695 copy
He also loves to mimic. If mom or dad wear a hat he has to have one too. He’ll mimic noises, words, attitude, kindness, etc. If I tell one of the girls to stop doing something he jumps right in waving his finger and grunting at them. He still nods when answering yes to a question. He yells “YAY!” when he gets something he wants. And he calls animals by their sounds. A cat is a “meow” etc. He loves to talk and he usually will use the right word for objects, but occasionally he’ll make up his own.
Like toothbrush….
He is keeping me on my toes, he loves to make messes, climb on the coffee table, steal food from the kitchen, and get into trouble whenever he can. He loves to explore, throw things, cuddle with his stuffed animals, and read books. He is such a cute little stinker.
 IMG_5745 copy
One day last week I had a late start to my day, so I put a movie on for the kids so I could quickly shower and get ready. Well this is what I found when I was done… he’d grabbed the bag of markers that his sister left out, hid in the girls room, and decorated himself, from his face to his shoes. And he was so proud of himself. Until he saw my reaction….
IMG_5699 copyIMG_5702 copy
Then he stuck his lower lip out, and pretended to pout. Then showed me how he’d drawn on his hand…

IMG_5707 copy
And then he let me know how he really felt about it…

IMG_5708 copyIt.was.awesome.Mom!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dancing Queens

I enrolled the girls in Ballet last week. They were elated. We went last Thursday to get them measured and registered and when it was time to leave I had two very upset girls that wanted to dance right then. Luckily we survived the weekend and made it to dance class in one piece.
IMG_5714 copyIMG_5729 copy
I love the big windows they have, not only can I take pictures but I can watch and see what they are learning and if they are behaving. Just what Soph didn’t want. haha
IMG_5715IMG_5720 copy
The girl with her tongue out (Above right photo) cracks me up. I didn’t notice it until I posted it here, but she looks like she is going to lose her breakfast!
IMG_5725 copy
This was Kyla’s first dance class. You’d have thought she’d died and gone to heaven. Every time they did something new she was all smiles and giggling. It was pretty fun to watch her. She’s always loved dancing way more than her sister. She can get lost in the music and not even realize there are people around, plus she has rhythm. She was totally in her element.IMG_5734 copyIMG_5743 copy