Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dancing Queens

I enrolled the girls in Ballet last week. They were elated. We went last Thursday to get them measured and registered and when it was time to leave I had two very upset girls that wanted to dance right then. Luckily we survived the weekend and made it to dance class in one piece.
IMG_5714 copyIMG_5729 copy
I love the big windows they have, not only can I take pictures but I can watch and see what they are learning and if they are behaving. Just what Soph didn’t want. haha
IMG_5715IMG_5720 copy
The girl with her tongue out (Above right photo) cracks me up. I didn’t notice it until I posted it here, but she looks like she is going to lose her breakfast!
IMG_5725 copy
This was Kyla’s first dance class. You’d have thought she’d died and gone to heaven. Every time they did something new she was all smiles and giggling. It was pretty fun to watch her. She’s always loved dancing way more than her sister. She can get lost in the music and not even realize there are people around, plus she has rhythm. She was totally in her element.IMG_5734 copyIMG_5743 copy

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