Friday, February 28, 2014

It's the Little Things

I uploaded the music from Frozen to the little “radio” that we have. And it’s all that I’ve heard for the last 4 days, non-stop.The words are completely memorized and dances are choreographed.  But it wouldn’t be complete without princess dresses.
 IMG_5858 copyIMG_5861 copyIMG_5859 copy
Pardon the stack of frames and pictures in the background. Since we are only going to be here for a few months I opted out of decorating or unpacking them.
IMG_5865 copyIMG_5868 copy
This top left photo is her singing the “I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face!” part. Something we are well versed in at this house.
IMG_5882 copyIMG_5907 copyIMG_5890 copyIMG_5904 copy
Jack even gets in on the dancing. I love watching them. They get such pleasure out of such small things, it’s a good reminder to me.

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