Thursday, February 27, 2014

Super Boy!

Selling a house and moving twice in such a short period of time really put photography on the back burner.  So I am trying to keep the camera handy and capture life with my kids.  I can’t help but look at Tracker-Jacker and know that his chubby rolls will be gone all too soon.  I love that he is chubby.  I know in photos he doesn’t look that roll-ie, but he is.  His belly pokes out, his cheeks sag, and his thighs are sooooo squishy.  It’s awesome.  And I don’t want to forget it, or have regrets that I never had time to use my photography talent with my own children.
Big Sis lent him her super hero cape.  The moment it was on his chubby little neck he ran around the circle (the wall that separates the living and family rooms), again, and again, and again.  It was almost like he knew what a super hero was.  He is one smart cookie.  One of the mom’s at dance class even asked if he was going to be three on his next birthday.  Umm… I wouldn’t go that far myself, but yeah, sure I think he’s smart.IMG_5900 copy
I had to make this photo black and white, because we only have pink capes around this house.  And daddy doesn’t really approve of boys and pink.  Looks like I need to head to the fabric store and get some felt. IMG_5905 copy
IMG_5912 copy
Pregnancy update.  I’ve been going to Physical therapy for lower back pain, the Dr. thinks my delivery of Tracker-Jacker messed up my pelvis and that is causing me pain.  Well I think she’s right, it was a down right awful delivery, and she seems to have taken all pain away.  Yay!  So with only 15 weeks left to go I keep telling myself that I can handle the all day heartburn, compression socks, and belly discomfort.  15 weeks!
We still need to find a house, buy it, and move in before then.  Yikes.

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