Friday, February 7, 2014

Tracker- Jacker

Oh, how life has changed with this little man. He used to be fairly calm, but suddenly he’s a wild monkey. A very cute wild monkey, which makes it hard to discipline when I just want to laugh instead. Tracker Jacker has hit the 20 month mark, and that is basically the terrible twos at our house. He suddenly has figured out how to terrorize his sisters. He waits until they are happily playing and then he’ll run over, snatch whatever they set down and make a mad dash for it. He laughs at his success while they scream and chase him.IMG_5695 copy
He also loves to mimic. If mom or dad wear a hat he has to have one too. He’ll mimic noises, words, attitude, kindness, etc. If I tell one of the girls to stop doing something he jumps right in waving his finger and grunting at them. He still nods when answering yes to a question. He yells “YAY!” when he gets something he wants. And he calls animals by their sounds. A cat is a “meow” etc. He loves to talk and he usually will use the right word for objects, but occasionally he’ll make up his own.
Like toothbrush….
He is keeping me on my toes, he loves to make messes, climb on the coffee table, steal food from the kitchen, and get into trouble whenever he can. He loves to explore, throw things, cuddle with his stuffed animals, and read books. He is such a cute little stinker.
 IMG_5745 copy
One day last week I had a late start to my day, so I put a movie on for the kids so I could quickly shower and get ready. Well this is what I found when I was done… he’d grabbed the bag of markers that his sister left out, hid in the girls room, and decorated himself, from his face to his shoes. And he was so proud of himself. Until he saw my reaction….
IMG_5699 copyIMG_5702 copy
Then he stuck his lower lip out, and pretended to pout. Then showed me how he’d drawn on his hand…

IMG_5707 copy
And then he let me know how he really felt about it…

IMG_5708 copyIt.was.awesome.Mom!


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