Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

Dustin’s family has a reunion around the 4th of July every year. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it this year, I was waiting to see how my recovery after the baby went. And it went really well, so off to his hometown we went. The drive wasn’t bad. I had envisioned a 5 hour drive with a screaming newborn in the back seat. But he slept the whole way. Yay!
The reunion was great. It was in my in-laws backyard, which has a large pond, waterfall, massive swings and more. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins, and running wild all day long. Prepare for picture overload…(I say that a lot. I guess it’s always picture overload on this blog.)IMG_6693 copyIMG_6680 copyIMG_6526 copyIMG_6697 copyIMG_6546 copy
IMG_6553 copyIMG_6588 copy
Tracker Jacker was a riot, he just has so much personality I’m sure he’ll explode one of these days. He was T-Rex most of the weekend, or Grandpa Jack (he sticks his belly out to make him in to a Grandpa).
IMG_6589 copyIMG_6604 copyIMG_6626 copy
We had a ping pong ball race down the waterfall. First we all decorated a ball, then dropped them at the top of the waterfall and waited for them to work their way down. IMG_6629 copyIMG_6656 copy
My oldest was desperately looking for hers, and she was sure she would win. IMG_6666 copyIMG_6668 copyIMG_6638 copyIMG_6639 copyIMG_6674 copyIMG_6678 copyIMG_6682 copyWe had dutch-oven cooking for dinner, and it was fabulous like always.
I love the swings at my in-laws house, they are 50 ft. tall and the swings fly at a super wide arc. They are awesome. IMG_6701 copyIMG_6714 copy
We had an awesome sunset with pink clouds. I was glad I had my camera!IMG_6751 copy
IMG_6768 copy
IMG_6770 copy

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