Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Benson's blessing day

Two months old. It’s amazing how time flies. And how slow I am at updating my blog. This happened almost a month ago.
I was really bad at taking pictures this time. I was tired and lacking motivation to pull out my camera. Luckily I kicked it in gear and snapped a few. As usual we were really nervous that our baby would cry through the blessing, and as usual we were shocked when it went smoothly. 
Thanks to everyone who came, I know it’s a pain to travel to see us but it sure means a lot to us.
 IMG_6835 copyIMG_6828 copyIMG_6842 copyIMG_6851 copyIMG_6823 copyIMG_6826 copyIMG_6830 copy
IMG_6838 copyIMG_6812 copyIMG_6813 copy
Ky and Ellie are best friends, and Ky will randomly declare that she misses her and wishes she could see her more often.
I wish I’d have gotten a better shot of them, but these ones will have to do and they will make for some good memories. IMG_6818 copyIMG_6820 copy

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