Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Little Ones

I walked past the bedroom and spied this little miss playing. She was creating a castle for her little toy dog. I love finding my kids totally engulfed in another world. It reminds me of my childhood. I had a great imagination, my younger sister and I would play for hours. Pirates were chasing us, we were princesses, and we’d escape on the wonder horse. After escaping we’d ride that trusty steed through the drive through of somewhere and buy a box of jelly filled donuts. I had big dreams, and apparently jelly filled donuts were a big part of them. (insert Husband rolling his eyes as he reads this. He thinks my love of food is over the top. And it is.)
I thought this was a perfect moment to capture. It’s sweet, she’s lovely, and man do my yellow curtains look good (don’t look too closely, I made them myself and they have a lot of room for improvement).
 IMG_6451 copyIMG_6459 copy
IMG_6456 copy
In other news…Tracker Jacker doesn’t pay much attention to Baby Bence (Sophie’s nickname for him). It’s not that he doesn’t like him, he’s just indifferent.  But occasionally he’ll ask to hold him, usually after his sisters ask first. But I thought this moment was really sweet when he wanted to be part of the action.
IMG_6473 copyIMG_6474 copyIMG_6470 copyIMG_6465 copy
Oh, how we love to smother Baby Bence in love and attention.

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