Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Colton & Rachel - Wedding

I once again have picture overloaded on this blog. I liked too many of them to not share them. Colton and Rachel are perfect together, and they look good together too. 😉  Since I’m convinced that no one reads anything I write I’ll just stop typing now and let you look at the pictures.Colton and Rachel_002Colton and Rachel_004
Colton and Rachel_008
Colton and Rachel_009Colton and Rachel_012Colton and Rachel_016Colton and Rachel_018Colton and Rachel_021Colton and Rachel_026Colton and Rachel_031Colton and Rachel_032
Colton and Rachel_036Colton and Rachel_049Colton and Rachel_052Colton and Rachel_067Colton and Rachel_106Colton and Rachel_111Colton and Rachel_109Colton and Rachel_117Colton and Rachel_118Colton and Rachel_119Colton and Rachel_135Colton and Rachel_139Colton and Rachel_140Colton and Rachel_143Colton and Rachel_144
I totally got a kick out of these last two photos. Colton’s twin brother is the one dangling his ribbon right in Colton’s face for as long as he possibly can. Gotta love brothers!Colton and Rachel_147Colton and Rachel_148

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