Thursday, September 10, 2015

Heather - Senior Pictures

IMG_8062 copy

I love this shoot. I love the land we are on, the spring wild flowers, the breeze (that turned into a crazy cold wind by the end!), and the girl!  It was so much fun to spend an evening with Heather and take her pictures and talk about her plans for the future. She’s such a darling, sweet, smart girl. Congratulations on graduating, I know you’ll do fantastic in college. Thanks for picking me to take your senior pictures!
IMG_8155 copy
IMG_8007 copy
IMG_8067 copy
IMG_8099 copy
IMG_8171 copy
IMG_8194 copy
IMG_8201 copy
IMG_8208 copyIMG_8219 copy
IMG_8262 copyIMG_8227 copy

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