Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mickenna–Senior Pictures

This gorgeous girl shocked my socks off when I saw her, it had been a couple of years and she was blond young girl last time I saw her and I was expecting pretty much the same thing… but she grew up so much, and changed her hair color to boot. She is bright, and soooo happy and such a sweet thing! And she’s old enough to be a High School Senior. Yikes, time goes too fast! Mickenna_21Mickenna_06Mickenna_07Mickenna_03

Isaac & Shayli – Wedding

This gorgeous cousin of mine got married! These two are so head-over-heels in love with each other that I wasn’t sure if I could get them to look away from each other for a few pictures. But I prevailed. It was such a sweet day, and I love seeing couples so in love. I wish you two the very happiest of marriages!
Burgi Wedding_081Burgi Wedding_172Burgi Wedding_005Burgi Wedding_007Burgi Wedding_011Burgi Wedding_014Burgi Wedding_031Burgi Wedding_016Burgi Wedding_042Burgi Wedding_043Burgi Wedding_044Burgi Wedding_055Burgi Wedding_059Burgi Wedding_062Burgi Wedding_069
Burgi Wedding_070Burgi Wedding_079Burgi Wedding_084Burgi Wedding_086Burgi Wedding_091Burgi Wedding_097Burgi Wedding_100Burgi Wedding_101