Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wightman – Family 2015

We had a great shoot! This silly bunch is one I am lucky enough to call family. But seriously, look how cute these kids are! And they are such a great family, we’ve missed them since moving to the Boise area. Wightman 2015_002-XL
Wightman 2015_066Wightman 2015_028Wightman 2015_018Wightman 2015_005Wightman 2015_011
Wightman 2015_032-XLWightman 2015_040Wightman 2015_023Wightman 2015_057-LWightman 2015_043Wightman 2015_050Wightman 2015_053Wightman 2015_065


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